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DeveloperSolcito Música
Price (MSRP)Free / $12

Miscellaneous Information

Arido is an additive synthesizer with a simple FM feature and a subtractive filter.
It includes a polyphonic driver to generate variety of timbres. That is, a distorter that works on each note separately.
Arido brings on-panel help, MIDI Learn and pedal switch functions.
This synth allows make sounds such as ambient, bass, pads, organs, distorted, nature, emulations, etc.


– 2 additive oscillators.
– Simple FM feature: Oscillator modulated by Oscillator 2.
– 1 noise generator with “density” control.
– 1 polyphonic driver that distorts each voice separately.
– 1 filter with selectable band.
– 1 LFO that can sync with tempo.
– 3 Envelope generators that can be modulated by the LFO.
– 1 Envelope generator to modulate the LFO itself.
– 1 envelope generator that modulates the LFO.
– Small Effect box with parameters to make effects from scratch.
– Routing feature.
– Help on panel.

Visit: Arido

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