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Andrew Ovdiel – pANoFILt

Panofilt (1)


pANoFILt  is an additive phase distortion bass synthesizer with 4 PD-oscillators, parallel two stereo LP-filters and joysticks for pitch and cutoff.

  • 4 phase-distorted analog oscillators (with tone and modulation depth controls) combined into left and right groups.
  • 2 parallel stereo SV filters from the standard SynthEdit(?) kit (with low-pass audio output).
  • 2 envelopes ADSR (for amplitude and filtration).
  • 4 frequency analyzers separately for each oscillator + 2 frequency analyzers for each filter + phasoscope for each of two groups of oscillators (left and right).
  • 2 joysticks for dynamically changing the tonality of both groups of oscillators (left) and the frequency cutoff of filters (right). (Please note that they are not like the joysticks in my Quadrovectro synthesizer, because they return to the center if you release them with the mouse or stylus. Keep in mind that the tonality and pan changes diagonally, from the upper left to the lower right each joystick).
  • Settings for monophonic polyphonic (two-voice) mode and pre-release mechanism, as well as portamento control.
  • A standard on-screen piano keyboard with 4 octaves and a 5-octave DO key.
  • Bold, live, analog, multi-layered sound with dynamic control.
  • Two-voice polyphony, as in Arp Odissey and Soviet Polivox.

Visit: pANoFILt

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