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Ancestor 3
Ancestor 3


ANCESTOR is a paraphonic synth based on a 1970s organ.
More organ than synth because editing features are limited. But more than an organ because there are a few tricks to enhance the basic sounds.

  • OSCILLATOR : based on a saw and a rectangle sub with adjustable pulse width.
  • SINE: all oscillators become “sine”.
  • RING: ring modulator per voices (main * sub).
  • BRILL: aka Brilliance, need more explanation ?
  • FILTER: classic 24 dB multimode filter.
  • CHORUS: classic “mono to stereo” triple chorus.
  • DELAY: a bit special: a ‘classic’ mode and a cascaded mode where 7 stages are added.
  • SPACER: determines a time factor between each stage.
  • ENV: provides main envelope Decay.
  • DRIFT: analog drift, time and amount, good for chords, a bit of beat/oscillation(?)
  • VIBRATOM: Why Vibratom and not vibrato ? Because the mode switch allows more shaping to tweak your sound.
  • 4 modes : main VCO, sub, both, crossed.
  • Main envelope tracking.
  • DISTORTION: a bit special too, allow PD distortion style, fun and original.
  • 64 voices of polyphony.

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