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Analog Obsession – Fetish

Analog Obsession Fetish

Analog Obsession – Fetish

Classic & Solid Design
FETISH is “solid” brother of OSS. There’s a sidechain filters like OSS. Plus, you can “SLAM” it! SLAM function is well known mod in DIY world. On the original gear, when pushing all “ratio”-buttons at once, you’d get a wrong bias and threshold. SLAM mode fixes this issue and adds more character.
The filters will shape your compressor sidechain. Control low freqs, mid freqs. High Freq will control your high freq sensitivity and tame it. FETISH is all about delivering that classic sound, without the classic’s limitations. Another extra feaure is MIX. Now, you can mix your compressed and uncompressed sound!
Fully re-designed!
Now, it has all features that you looking for with compressors!
Extra MIX and FILTERS options!
Better control with INPUT!
Improved sensitive METER!
Extra SLAM mode!

Visit: Fetish

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