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808 Bass Module 5 Lite

808 Bass Module 5 Lite

Powerful ROMpler for Windows & Mac. contains 15 ready-to-use and freshly designed layered presets, to bring grit and rumble to your productions.

The new demo version without limit of use of our most popular and best-selling plugin since we began our journey in creating VST instruments. In this new version, we have added new and powerful 808 basses and also those of the previous version have been improved and included as an expansion so you can continue enjoying your favorite 808 basses. All sounds are ready to play in the key of your project.

The interface is user-friendly and straightforward with ADSR amplitude envelope, LFO modulation, lowpass/highpass filter, cutoff, and global tune. New effect modules were added -distortion and chorus, each of which comes with typical controls and parameters.

available in VST/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac (64-bit)


  • 15 Presets for Electronic music.
  • Glide Time control.
  • LFO modulation controls.
  • Lowpass/highpass filter cutoff.
  • ADSR envelope controls.
  • Global tune.
  • Built-in chorus.
  • Built-in distortion.
  • Easy to use.

System Requirements on Windows:

  • Windows 8.1/10/11.
  • 200 MB Disk Space.
  • 200 MB RAM.
  • VST VST3 host 64-bit.

System Requirements on MacOS:

  • macOS 10.14 And Above.
  • 200 MB Disk Space.
  • 200 MB RAM.
  • AU or VST host (64-bit).

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