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Tag: modern


RF-AB303 Monophonic Bass Synth (for Acid Basslines) Features: A single oscillator monophonic synth with filters and various effects like Parametric EQ, Distortion, Compression, Delay and…


TBProAudio – GSat+

GSat+ is a tube saturation plugin featuring VU meters, clip protection and over sampling. Saturation with three different tube-based character modes. Clip protection. VU meters. Signal monitoring.…


easy-V-syn o1

Easy-V-syn o1 is a vintage wavetable synth. 4 Oscilators 2 x 34 waves 2 x 5 waves lp-bp-filter drive doubledelay Pulsemodulation Visit: Easy-V-Syn O1


Modern Vacuumer

Modern Vacuumer is a compressor. Racing style Gain Reduction meter Neon style level light Easy/Over compression lights Gain control (Semi-Auto, 0 to 30 dB) Threx control…


Modern Compressor

Modern Compressor Modern Compressor is a compressor featuring gate and side-chain functions. Power On/Off button Gate On/Off button Gain Reduction meter include Post-gate control (-96 to -30…


Modern Apophis

Modern Apophis Modern Apophis is a classic SSL G384 Compressor clone. Power On/Off switch Gain Reduction meter include Thresh control (Threshold, +15 to -30 dB) Makeup control…


Modern DynaKiller

Modern DynaKiller Modern DynaKiller is FET compressor, inspired by the famous Urei 1176. Classic Pre-coloring GR meter/Power Off/VU meter modes switch Input control (Relative threshold) Threshold…