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Vagabond King

Vagabond King 3
Vagabond King 3

Vagabond King

Vagabond King is an oscillator/filter synthesizer.
Signals are produced by oscillators and modified by filters. The parameters of the oscillators and filters are dynamically modified by three ADSR enveloppe generators and a low frequency oscillator.
The oscillators are multimode so that you can change the « grain » of the sound from analog style waveforms to FM like sounds very easily. The « timbre » produced by the oscillators is dynamically controlled by the first ADSR enveloppe. You can activate up to four oscillators in unisson to produce warm sounds (without ab-using chorus nor reverb) with no CPU overload.
You have a series of two multimode filters to shape the sound. Each one has its own ADSR enveloppe so that you can control dynamically cutoff frequencies and resonance. Factually, the Vagabond King is much richer that it seems at first glance. All audio units are duplicated to provide true stereo.
So here it is: 8 oscillators, 4 filters, 3 ADSR, a pitch enveloppe and an LFO per voice and up to 8 voices.

  • 1,2,4, or 8 note polyphony.
  • Full stereo for a warm sound and broad stereo without adding reverb nor chorus.
  • 2(stereo) x 4(unisson) multimode free-running oscillators with timbre4 modulated
  • by an ADSR.
  • 4 unisson modes5.
  • 4 unisson levels.
  • 2(stereo) x 2 multimode6 filters with ADSR modulated cutoff and resonance.
  • 2 drive stages (smooth saturation).
  • 3 ADSR enveloppes.
  • A multiphase LFO with delay, frequency and depth control.
  • Polyphonic portamento (good for theremin fx).
  • A pitch enveloppe provides pitch inaccuracy.
  • All the controls are calculated at audio rate to avoid « digital graniness ».
  • Extensive velocity control provides expressivity.
  • All the controls are automatable.
  • Full SSE optimisation and polynomial anti-aliasing for balanced quality vs performance.
  • The ugliest graphic interface in the world forces you to close your eyes and to listen to the sound.
  • Detailed PDF user manual.

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