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Turbo Paco

Turbo Paco

Turbo Paco is an old-style Algorithmic Reverb, based on some own and other classic algorithms reverse engineered and posted by the user “Acreil” on this forum thread.

This Effect is mostly about Allpass loop and Feedforward-Comb reverbs, with some few exceptions. There are some Choruses as a bonus.

The controls are pretty much self-explanatory except “Dyn Time” and “Op Range”. When “Dyn Time” is positive the dynamics processor does ducking. When it’s negative it does inverse ducking, which results in a kind of gate. “Op Range” is the level at which the hard clipper will clip the input signal. This is necessary for controlling the dynamic range of the fixed-point implementation.

The design philosophy is to have a limited set of controls and many algorithms. Now there aren’t a lot, but more can be added.

The algorithms are implemented on:

  • 16-bit fixed point delay lines with noise shaping with a 32-bit accumulator for computation.
  • 16-bit custom-format floating point encoding delay lines with single precision floating point computation.
  • Single precision floating point (32-bit).

The rate of the the sample rate converter can be changed between to some preset frequencies, some “overclocked” and others “underclocked”. Corollary of that, this effect runs at fixed sample rate, so it sounds the *same on all project sample rates.

The reverb is block processed and some algorithms use low sample rates, hence some of the algorithms are very CPU friendly.

My own algorithms are rookie stuff. Doing reverb is complex. I tried my best for them to sound acceptable. On the algorithm dropdown the algorithms prefixed with “AC” come from the user “Acreil” on gearspace. Those with no prefix are mine.

Thanks to all fellas on KVR’s DSP forum for the guidance :).


PS: No Mac as I have no machine to test and I have never developed for it, but as this uses JUCE and CMake for building it may happen that it compiles for Mac out of the box.

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