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Spat 3D 218/236/264/280

Spat3d264x 1

Spat 3D 218/236/264/280

They can represent some alternative to existing multichannel panners like Reaper’s ReaSurround as more effective “space brushes” (but it can be simpler to use regular 3D panners for low resolution normalized formats such as Auro-3D or Atmos 7.1.4).
– mono / stereo input
– two 2D views (front and top) for easy and precise 3D placement of “speakers” (use the Ctrl/Cmd key for finer control)
– big numbered balls (easy for the eyes …), choose the balls’ color to match the height levels or other aspects
– the Distance Based Amplitude Control algorithm allows custom “pan laws” and more creative spatial effects
– Area settings for every output to adapt to irregular layouts, with distance visualization bars (1st input view only in 36 channels and up versions)
– Center Compensation parameter to help to create phantom sites inside “hollow” periphonic speakers arrangements like a circle or a sphere
– Area Shape : variable amplitude curve, from sharp to flat
– Area Volume : dynamically change the spatial volume of the sound, while the Volume Compensation parameter allows a constant level if you prefer to
– parametric Symmetry Modes for Left/Right inputs links

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