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Pandemonium is a hybrid FM synth which uses a bizzare SnH style arpeggiator.
The 2 FM oscillators are split up into modulators and carriers, that can be routed together for in various ways, enabling them to function as 4 oscillators. When an oscillator is in wArp mode, each key will play randomly different arpeggios. wArp tune offsets the arpeggio creating a whole new sound. wArp, as well as the LFOs, can be retriggered by key or free roaming. 4 onboard sequencers control modulator/carrier pitch and wArp rate/mix.

  • 2 FM oscillators (2 carriers/2 modulators)
  • oscillator crossfade mixer
  • wArp section for randomized arpeggios
  • 4 sequencers
  • 3 band filter
  • 3 LFOs
  • 2 envelopes
  • BPM delay
  • keyboard for quick previewing of sounds

Visit: Pandemonium

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