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myrmidon is an analog unison synthesizer.

  • 8 voice poly.
  • Oscillator fades saw to pulse (mix, pw) – adapted from mystran’s blep oscillator.
  • Each oscillator has its own pitch modulator (rate, mod).
  • Each oscillator has its own amplitude modulator (a, r, depth).

4 output modes:

  • Mono (7 oscs).
  • Stereo (7 oscs spread across field).
  • Stereo2 (8 oscs split L/R).
  • Economy (mono mode with no amplitude modulation).

Various 0 delay feedback filters by robin schmidt, neotec, mystran.

Gate sync – oscillator can be reset at gate for absolute recallability. It will click. PW acts as a “seed” for randomly setting the phase of each osc.

The lfo is more a collection of modulation algorithms.. in addition to standard repeating waveforms, several “contours” are configured for generative applications – skim over the list so you know the stuff is in there.

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