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Modplug tracker v.1.16

Modplug tracker

Modplug tracker v.1.16

A complex audio editor that will help you mix, play or create your own music. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own music, you’ve just found the perfect tool to do so! If you have a Windows-based PC, you can use the MODPlug Tracker to discover the music inside!

ModPlug Tracker makes use of features common to Microsoft Windows programs, such as context menus for effect selection, “tree” views for files, samples, and patterns, and drag-and-drop functionality throughout. It supports both loading and saving of IT (Impulse Tracker), XM (FastTracker Extended Module), MOD and S3M (Soundtracker) files, loads many sample file formats, and has some support for DLS banks and soundfonts.

Visit: Modplug tracker v.1.16

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