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A channel routing tool, multi-fx, crossover, multiband-fx, transient shaper, etc. disguised as a channel mixer. Bundles some own and some open source FX.

This is a swiss-army knife FX to complement your existing ones, helping to keep your mixes tidy. It has a lot of tricks on its sleeve. Seriously, this is not a conventional plugin.

The interface puts a lot on a single page, it is designed for fast workflow. It is vector-based and resizeable, but it will look a bit cramped on small screens.

The plugin is tested by me on REAPER, both Linux and Windows. I’m a professional developer with lots of obligations and scarce time, so I can’t commit to support every available host. The same happens with Mac, I don’t own a Mac. Having said that this uses JUCE, so it should work with minor modifications. Contributions are welcome and of course any contributor would have my full support.

I compile an LV2 version too. (Untested, not a LV2 user myself). It can be found on the build artifacts on the Github repository.

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