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Jellyfish 3
jellyfish 3


jellyfish is a 4 oscillator synth with multiple modulation methods between the oscillators and of their various parameters which guarantees plenty of movement in the sound.
This is great for evolving pads, wobbly bass, vibrant leads or just plain strangeness. Using addition, subtraction, phase difference, ring modulation or phase distortion, the oscillators can modulate each other to get a wide variety of sounds. 2 tempo-sync LFOs and an ADSR envelope can all modulate this inter-osc modulation, as well as pitch, filter cut-off and each other. A pair of resonant filters and a tempo-sync delay complete the deal.

  • 4 oscillators arranged in pairs, with each pair able to modulate each other.
  • 9 inter-osc modulation methods, including phase distortion, phase difference and ring modulation.
  • ADSR envelope per oscillator pair, with unlimited values and definable contours.
  • 2 resonant low pass filters with flexible routing.
  • 2 tempo-sync LFOs with 16 waveforms and adjustable phase.
  • LFOs can modulate the inter-osc modulation, pitch and filter cutoff for each pair.
  • LFO2 can modulate LFO1.
  • 1 ADSR envelope can modulate as per the LFOs and modulate both LFOs.
  • Tempo-sync delay, with damping and mix level.
  • Oscillator and LFO note-on sync.
  • 11 waveforms per oscillator.
  • Midi learn / Midi CC parameters defined.
  • 50+ presets by runagate.

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