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InstaVibe includes four effect sections:


  • Tube distortion
  • Subtle harmonic enhancer


  • 3 profiles, each with a slightly different curve
  • Modes B and C add some additional distortion
  • Can also be turned off
  • LF and HF boost (resonance)
  • Age parameter (narrowing the EQ)


  • 5 different types of noise – 2 audio cassettes, 2 vinyl records, and brown noise
  • Possibility of dynamically controlling the noise level with the input signal
  • Adjustable noise pitch


  • Wow and scratch fluctuation
  • Adjustable stereo modulation width
  • Quad chorus with adjustable delay

InstaVibe also features Undo, Redo, A/B and 15 presets

 If you like and use InstaVibe, please support its future development as well as development of my other plugins. You can donate via paypal:

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