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Fretted Synth – SoftDrum LTD

Fretted Synth Softdrum Ltd
Fretted Synth - SoftDrum LTD

SoftDrum LTD

SoftDrum LTD is designed as a simple to use drum sampler plugin.

It can load standard wave  (.wav) files in both mono and stereo format up to 32bit at any sample rate above  44100hz. All sample are loaded into RAM which helps to make SoftDrum very fast  and CPU friendly. Allows for up to four samples to be loaded in each slot with user  selectable velocity switch points.

Six stereo outputs are provided for separate send  channels. Contains two groups for accurate emulation of hi hats and many other  percussion instruments where one sound needs to be canceled out by the last played  pad.

Polyphony is setup for sixteen voices per pad meaning that the only way a voice can  be cancelled out is from itself. ? no more crash cutoff by a tom roll ? Careful at full  poly SoftDrum can ask your system to play a total of 192 voices 12 (pads) x 16  (voices). CPU use has been optimized for very low consumption but at 192 voices  CPU use will be very high. For most drum tracks this should not be a problem? If it is  use freeze or render the track.

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