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Distorder is a stereo distortion effect based on an unusual and secret concept 
Originally designed for basses, it seems good too to shape other sound with a soft and warm colour. A feedback leveller with an analog ballistic ending the chain to refine the incoming signal. An EQ and a stereo field adjustment are availlable. Recommended to be used with dynamic and low frequencies signals.

  • DRY/WET : balance between the original and the shaped signal.
  • DIST: Distortion amount.
  • HRMNC: Harmonic booster.


  • ATTACK: Attack time (ms).
  • RELEASE: Release time (ms).
  • AMOUNT: amount of feedback gain control.
  • RESP: Response curve.


  • EQ: enhance or attenuate selected frequency.
  • WIDTH: Control the Stereo width. On left automaticly switch to mono.

Visit: Distorder

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