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Autospread Box

Synthescience Autospread 2
synthescience Autospread 2

Autospread Box

Autospread Box is a stereo processor, applying a small amount of delay into one of the audio channels, inverts it, and then adds some modulation to achieve its distinguishable sound.
If you’re in need of a subtle stereo enhancement processor with rhythmic characteristics, then this is the effect for you.
It is important to know that this effect is only intended for stereo use and will work best on audio material with no relative difference between the left and right channels (for example any unprocessed sound where the sound in the left channel is exactly the same as in the right channel as in a dual mono signal). However if you feed it with any kind of processed sound where the left channel sound content is different from that on the right channel, the resulting sound will be so subtle that could lead you to think that its not there at all, but if you happen to turn the effect on and off, you will hear the difference.
Keep in mind that this is an effects processor that works on the subtle side of things but nevertheless it can impart some interesting vibes to your sound, as so experimentation is a must. Have fun.
The Autospread Box is fully automatable and has the ability to store 32 presets. It ships with a few already pre programmed ones that will show what its all about and may be the starting point to your individual creations.

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