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Austen – MIDI-Transformer

Austen Midi Transformer


MIDI-Transformer allows you to transform and reroute incoming MIDI signals.

To use the plugin, place it somewhere in your VST chain and select an input source from the top-left dropdown, as well as an output destination from the top-right dropdown.

During playback, the plugin works as follows:

  • Reads incoming MIDI values from the selected input source.
  • Transforms those values using the specified transformation curve.
  • Outputs the transformed values according to the selected output destination.

The plugin’s GUI will show a vertical line along the curve to indicate the last input value that was captured, and how it was transformed. To edit the curve :

  • Move a node by clicking and dragging.
  • Add a node by double clicking anywhere along the curve.
  • Delete a node by right clicking on it.
  • Change a node’s curve type by double clicking on it.
  • This will cycle between the three curve types: Linear (default), Quadratic, Cubic.

Visit: MIDI-Transformer

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