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Anima MID 2D

Anima MID 2D

Generation of complex combined controllers:
– MIDI version of AnimaSpat 2D
– eight to sixteen MIDI controllers
– ten modulation curves
– use of an audio input as a modulation source
Two animation sections can be used simultaneously and combined:
Steps section:
– 2D trajectories in step by step on sixteen points
– smoothing parameter to obtain continuous movements
– four reading modes: linear, step, time and cycle
– “linear” mode: manual movement along the trajectory (mouse or MIDI controller), modulation possible according to intensity
– “step” mode: point-by-point movement according to a triggering threshold on the input audio, host software tempo or manually indicated (tap tempo), point determination start and end as well as the direction
– “time” mode:
– trajectory deformation pad (scale and mirrors)
– global 2D displacement
Curves section:
– two modulators with multiple waveforms control the movements in X and Y
– control of the speed and amplitude of the movement for each axis by a 2D controller
– phase and acceleration adjustments
– global modulator
– submodulators to control speed and amplitude in order to obtain evolving trajectories
– speed control to tempo (host / audio signal thresholds / tap tempo)
Instant Gestures section:
Temporary mode that deactivates both animation sections. It is not subject to patch changes and the settings remain stored as long as the plugin is not disabled.
– Bounces mode: it consists in “throwing” the ring which represents the position of the sound to make it ricochet on the edges of 2D space, power adjustment and friction (nonlinear at high values), it can be triggered automatically with random values ​​by the audio input.
– Scratchpad mode: on-the-fly recording of a continuous trajectory for up to 30 seconds, playback at variable speed and direction, time control real loop points, global deformation (scale and mirrors).
– use of host tempo as modulation source
– audio input tempo detection
– tap tempo function
– subdivisions of the round to the quadruple eighth note, support for triplets
– pre-assigned MIDI controllers
– up to 64 patches can be chained together without interruptions by a MIDI keyboard or mouse
– “NotesOFF default” option: definition of a default setting when no key is played.

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