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Fazertone was founded in 2020 by Victor Lewis. Merging a fascination with vintage equipment and a love for state of the art DSP algorithms, the first step was tackling analog emulation from a new direction: using machine learning to directly replicate the complex, warm sound of analog audio.


System requirements:Mac OS X 10.14 or later. Tested on both Intel and M1.
Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64-bit
AAX coming soon. Usable in all modern DAWs except ProTools.

Recreating complex, non-linear analog distortion is considered the holy grail of digital modeling, and is certainly no easy feat. Using a combination of circuit analysis and machine learning, we carefully recreated the tones of this legendary pedal, famous for its unique “transparent” overdrive that turns into crunchy but crisp distortion when pushed to its limits.

The result is a plugin that works on a completely different level from others – instead of traditional DSP, it’s directly powered by a custom neural network inference engine, optimised to work in real time without consuming excessive CPU power.

It’s right at home as part of any guitar tone stack, but also adds character to synths, drum machines, or even vocals.

Visit: The Klone

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